Just CBD and the most natural ingredients we can find!

Hemp Trails CBD offers some of the most flavorful, quality produced and trusted CBD Oil in the United States.  We pride ourselves on customer service & satisfaction.   In an industry plagued with snake-oils, Hemp Trails CBD offers you the quality that will keep you coming back and enjoying our products.

Ali and Anna met through business acquaintances in 2015 and a partnership was born. Hemp Trails CBD is committed to bringing an excellent product, that follows legal guidelines, to as many patients as possible. Cannabis cures but hemp helps and we are here to help you. Our products are all created from industrial hemp and are 100% legal.

We use alcohol flavors for fun, but there is no alcohol inside.


Finally a great tasting CBD vape! Really helps with my back pain.

Mike O.

First time using a vape pen and CBD oil. It was as expected and more. Thanks


Love the taste, very smooth. It really helps with pain and anxiety. I am able to cut down on my pain meds when using this CBD oil vape.

Dana A.

Love starting my day off with the Irish Coffee helps with the morning aches and pains

Sharon P.

I love the flavor and it’s perfect, so calming for my anxiety lately. I would definitely shop here again and most likely get this flavor.

Heather M

This worked great on reducing my widespread pain from Fibromyalgia and anxiety. It had a wonderful taste too


It really seems to help lower my anxiety

Amy C.

This product is phenomenal , been using it two weeks and its a life changer. if you are living with pain you should try this.. Fast delivery as well.

Tyler M.

Out of all the CBD I have tried, this one is the best, Love the flavor

Paul D.

I have been using different types of CBD vapes for a while now and these really are so of the best tasting out there

Jamie H
Great product. Easy to use and definitely helped with sleep
Valerie K.

I have been vaping this before beadtime, one inhale, I have been sleeping perfectly.

Charlie B.